Trying to eat healthy?  

Dr. Mary Reveals the Top 3 Food Mistakes people make when they try to make the shift.

Are you starting to transition into healthy eating and finding that there’s a lot of information out there and some that is even conflicting?

What does “eating healthy” or “eating clean” mean to you?  Keep scrolling down to read more...

I recently had a conversation with a new patient that indicated she ate “healthy”.   I asked her, “What does that mean to you?”  Her response was, I don’t eat fast food, or processed frozen dinners, and I eat a lot of fresh produce.  At first look, this seemed good to me, but then I asked how often she ate “out”.  She told me daily, but she orders salads, and grilled chicken.  I then asked about fast food, she said “sometimes, but I always get a salad.”   
When I was first in practice, and someone told me they “ate healthy”, I assumed they knew what that meant.  However, over the course of the past decade, healthy eating has become quite confusing.  In the past, that meant - Low fat, calorie counting, portion control, whole grains, and following the “food pyramid.”  Here’s the thing, in our “modern food world” none of those things make a difference in your health if you are consuming food grown and processed in the USA.    The reason is simple - our food supply is inundated with genetically modified organisms (GMO), pesticides (some produce items have as many as 67 per serving), cloned meats, and animal products that have been produced using animals that have been raised by industrialized farms and given antibiotics and hormones as part of their daily menu.   Ignoring the quality of your food is THE BIGGEST mistake you can make if eating food produced in the United States.  Sign up below for the next 2 mistakes; you'll be shocked at what's going on with our food supply.   

Dr. Mary Riggin is a sought after acupuncture physician known for her work using natural methods for hormone balancing, allergies, sustainable weight loss, and difficult cases. 
She is famous for teaching her patients how to turn food into their medicine, along with other tools to help their health naturally; without the use of drug therapy or surgical procedures.  
Her motto:  Live every day so your body will Heal, Mend, and Repair!

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